Agility DGS Supports World Humanitarian Day

Dubai, UAE – 18, August, 2018 –  Agility DGS helped the International Humanitarian City launch an awareness campaign in celebration of the 2018 World Humanitarian Day and in conjunction with the Year of Zayed.  The celebrations included the launch of a mobile exhibition showcasing the humanitarian legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Founding Father of the UAE; it also featured the role of IHC Community in addressing humanitarian crisis and emergencies.

As one of the main sponsors of this event, and the premier logistics provider for humanitarian aid missions, Agility DGS, in partnership with Agility GIL, facilitated and provided an Agility truck that moved the container from IHC to the City Walk location.

The campaign was co-organized by members of International Humanitarian City representing UN Agencies and international humanitarian organizations, including the World Food Programme, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders),  as well as private sector suppliers to the humanitarian community Kuehne+Nagel, Allied, NRS International, and UPS.

In addition to providing the truck, Agility DGS will help execute all the container moves during the campaign in the UAE commencing in September 2018. This mobile unit will be transported around the country’s seven Emirates, visiting key locations and schools targeting students aged 12-17 years with an aim to engage the “hearts and minds” of youth in the country and reinforce the spirit of humanitarianism.

Agility DGS Business Development Team Defines New Opportunities

The Agility DGS business development team recently attended defense transportation conferences including AUSA Global Force Symposium, Joint EUCOM/AFRICOM Deployment and Distribution Conference (JEADDC), and the NDIA National Logistics Forum. These conferences present opportunities for our team to promote and market Agility DGS as the premier logistics provider for government customers in challenging environments.

  • AUSA Global Force Symposium – From March 26-28, 2018, our business development team attended the Association of the United States Army’s Global Force Symposium, a three-day event featuring presentations from Army leadership and keynote remarks from several Army officials. The exposition helped our team understand the interests of warfighters and senior Army leaders with the spirit of entrepreneurial and commercial leaders of the defense industry. Attendees included Dan Mongeon, Mark Young and Rich Brooks.
  • JEADDC conference – From May 21-23, 2018, our team attended The EUCOM / AFRICOM Deployment and Distribution Conference, a forum focused on increasing and improving both relationships and information flow across the European distribution enterprise. From the conference, we learned about stakeholder operations models, shared deployment and distribution opportunities, and collaboration possibilities with the Department of Defense. Attendees included Mark Young, Darrell Gifford, Nick Taylor and Keven Falvo.

From left to right: Nick Taylor, Darrell Gifford, Mark Young and Keven Falvo

  • NDIA conference- From May 15-16, 2018, our team attended the National Defense Industrial Association Conference, a meeting bringing together senior government and industry logistics policy officials and practitioners to address current challenges facing the delivery of logistics capabilities and services in the current and future severely resource constrained environment. The meeting provided our team the opportunity to foster our public and private partnership in defense transportation through the discussion of new policies, technologies, and best practices. Attendees included Dan Mongeon, Mark Young, Rich Brooks, and George Allen.

 “These conferences are great learning and networking opportunities to help us stay up-to-date and learn new ways to improve our businesses”, commented Mark Young. “In addition, they also help us build visibility within the defense industry profession by raising DGS’s profile, and help us identify new business opportunities.” 

11th Annual PVGO Breaks Four Million Dollars Raised in Support of Veterans Employment

Agility DGS recently hosted the 11th Annual Paralyzed Veterans Golf Open (PVGO) on June 18, 2018 at the Golf Club at Lansdowne, Virginia. The event this year raised an enormous amount of $277,922, bringing the tournament’s fundraising total to more than $4M dollars raised over the course of 11 years. 

All proceeds from the PVGO support Paralyzed Veterans of America’s PAVE (Paving Access for Veterans Employment) program, providing free, one-on-one career assistance, benefits counseling, and support to any veteran, transitioning service member, military spouse or caregiver.

This year, business leaders, military and government officials, PAVE program counselors, veterans, families, and caregivers came together to support this important program. Some notable attendees included Medal of Honor Recipient Col. Barney Barnum, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-VA), and ABC White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl. PVGO Chairman, Rich Brooks, says: “Our mission is to put veterans back to work. We’re here to serve our nation’s heroes, their caregivers and family members, one veteran at a time.”

For photos, please visit: with access code veteran.

Agility International Joins the Future of Logistics

Kieran Kayatin, Business Development Director at Agility International, recently attended a technology event called “CXO Tech Forum: A.I. in Government” hosted by GovernmentCIO Magazine in Washington D.C. The event offered a forum to discuss the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and showcased the inventive work of some U.S. government agencies such as Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL).

Kieran Kayatin, usiness Development Director at Agility International (far left) with other attendees

According to Kieran, the event was a great venue to network and engage with scientists, academia and developers concerning A.I., current trends, applications and near term potential. During one of the panels, “tool vs. collaborative asset” was a hot topic of discussion where researchers and developers view A.I. as a “collaborator” and not as a tool. This is the key concept because A.I. is more than interactive in the view of the experts. Kieran learned that the logistics industry is well within the fast lane of A.I. application and development without any great inhibitors. This is a direct result of data storage capacity and highly advancing data storage capabilities.

In recent years, the U.S. military has been closely watching how the private sector is utilizing A.I. based platforms to develop better logistics performance with a focus on demand planning, sourcing and distribution. For instance, the U.S. Army wants to ensure that warfighters are more mission-focused, therefore; the Army wants to quickly develop and employ intelligent systems that will share the burden of support and sustainment activities (such as subsistence and re-supply) in complex operating environments, with the capability to manage decision chains and multiple simultaneous inputs. If this is accomplished in the next 2-5 years, then A.I. will be a true “working teammate.”

Agility hopes to attend an industry-related working group in February 2018 with a focus on shipping and freight forwarding. Kieran learned that there is simply no pause in what is taking place in the tech world, and that the A.I. Revolution has already begun. Kieran said: “The next five years are going to simply change everything when it comes to how we perform and deliver services, and we need to be prepared now more than ever.”

Thank you, Kieran for representing Agility and for leading our business into the future!

DGS Participates in the Virginia Transition Assistance Program

Erica Ajroud, our Talent Acquisition Lead, recently attended the Virginia Transition Assistance Program (VTAP) event at Ft. Belvoir Army Base which was organized by the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program of which Agility Defense & Government Services is a certified member. The attendance objective was to observe and see how the program’s monthly resume assistance workshops help military members prepare for transitioning out of the military into the civilian workforce. 

Erica Ajroud, DGS Talent Acquisition Lead (far left) with the attendees.

One of the presenters was Daniel Mehdi, Program Director for the Mid-Atlantic Region of the Travis Manion Foundation, a non-profit organization that empowers veterans and young people by helping them build on their character and strengths, and fight stigmas by developing relationships through serving the community. Mr. Mehdi gave an inspiring and powerful presentation on resiliency training and positive psychology. He also gave some tips on the overall personal wellbeing and developing post traumatic growth, resiliency and employee-manager engagement.

Representing our company, Erica also gave a brief overview of Agility Defense & Government Services and shared key information that recruiters usually look for in resumes. Several key points that Erica addressed in the presentation included: resume basics, keywords, translating military experience into civilian terms, interviewing, and the onboarding process.

Erica plans to continue her engagement with the V3 and the VTAP programs in 2018, and will participate in their upcoming events along with Tyeisha Hilton, HR Director, and Colleen Knight, HR Generalist at Agility Defense & Government Services. 

Continued Support for Paralyzed Veterans

During our 10th Annual Paralyzed Veterans Golf Open (PVGO) earlier this year, Agility partnered with the Stand Up and Play Foundation to donate two new Paragolfers to Andrews Airforce Base and Ft. Belvoir Army Base, with the intent of making them available to use by disabled veterans. The Paragolfer allows disabled veterans to stand up and play sports and engage in everyday activities. October 6th was a day to remember for Agility on our continuing journey of supporting paralyzed veterans. It was the official handover of the Stand Up and Play Paragolfer to Andrews Airforce Base Golf Course located at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland.

Caption: Mike Thomas, General Manager of Andrews AFB Golf Course with Anthony Netto, Founder of the Stand Up and Play Foundation

Caption: Anthony Netto, Founder of the Stand Up and Play Foundation poses for a photo with soldiers stationed at Andrews Airforce Base.

Anthony Netto, Founder of the Stand Up and Play Foundation, attended the event and engaged in a live demonstration of the Paragolfer, showcasing its features to veterans and golfers.

We are very proud of this partnership and very excited that this wonderful equipment will be available at the golf course to support any paralyzed or handicapped veteran who wants to play golf but did not have the means to engage in the sport.



A Successful AUSA

After our first successful day at the 2017 AUSA Annual Meeting, our second day and third day were even more remarkable.

With our internal theme being “Agility is back in the game and we are open and ready for U.S. government business,” we certainly hit the ground running. The remaining days of AUSA were  filled with substantive meetings while the traffic at our booth kept the whole team busy. We juggled schedules, held meetings in multiple locations, and engaged partners and potential customers that were interested in Agility.

Caption: Agility DGS employees discussing strategic opportunities with potential partners at our booth.

On Wednesday, the week wrapped up with the culminating event of AUSA, The Marshall Dinner. The honored guest and Marshall Award recipient was Gary Sinise, also known as Lieutenant Dan from the famous Forrest Gump movie. Accepting the award, Gary Sinise gave a powerful, passionate, and highly patriotic speech about his passion and commitment to the Army and the U.S. military.

Caption: Gary Sinise, moments before receiving the George Marshall Award.

The success of the 2017 AUSA Annual Meeting simply stated that Agility DGS’s reputation is in intact and we are ready to do business.

Special thanks to all those who helped make AUSA a resounding success for Agility DGS.

Army Strong. DGS Strong.



Agility is Back in the Game

The first day of the 2017 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition at the Washington D.C. Convention Center was a great success for Agility Defense & Government Services. Our internal theme has been: Agility is back in the game and we are open and ready for U.S. government business.

Image result for ausa annual meeting

Busy exhibition floor

The news has been very well received by customers and partners. In a way, we are using the AUSA event as our coming out party. Our booth is seeing good traffic and our meeting schedule is full.

Rashad Sinokrot with GCC and John Arnold with Agility DGS

We have two more days to go, and we are confident that the next two days will be as productive as today. We have a great team working AUSA and we are all engaging in the business development effort.


An Evening to Remember at the Royal Logistic Corps Dinner

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Corps Dinner Night of the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) with my colleague, Chris Murray, Vice President of DGS Europe and former Director of the RLC. The RLC was formed in 1993 to provide logistics support and services to the British Army.

Photo Caption: Brigadier Chris Murray, Vice President of DGS Europe and former Director of the RLC (left) and Dan Mongeon, President and CEO of Agility DGS (right)

The dinner, hosted by Lieutenant General Mark Poffley OBE, the Master General of Logistics, was held at the RLC Headquarters Officers’ Mess in Deepcut; a 20th-century military village in Surrey Heath, United Kingdom. The evening included military entertainment and celebrations, and was attended by notable senior military logisticians of the British Army.

During the after-dinner speech, General Poffley praised Agility’s work in support of the UK Defence Operations, and thanked Agility for its continued sponsorship of the RLC Sports teams, which allows young soldiers to play sports at a higher competitive level, and contributes to the funds that allow them to hold competitions and participate in international tours.

Thank you RLC for a wonderful evening and the kind words from General Poffley.


My Experience at CERAWeek 2017

I recently attended CERAWeek 2017 which took place in Houston, Texas. This annual gathering drew more than 12,000 attendees including energy industry leaders, experts, government officials and policymakers, leaders from the technology, financial, and industrial communities – and energy technology innovators.

My attendance was part of the Agility delegation that included several senior-level representatives from various parts of the Agility enterprise including Project Logistics, Tristar, GIL Abu Dhabi, and Agility Africa.

With innovation and technology at the forefront of CERAWeek, the conference offered several panels that discussed issues that face the global oil and gas industry, namely: the relationship between energy and the environment, the future of manufacturing, technology and infrastructure, economic challenges and price volatility, and the future of LNG exports and its impact on world markets.

Darren Woods, Chairman & CEO of ExxonMobil, joined the “Global Oil Dialogue” by sharing his interest in emerging technologies and reducing emissions. According to Mr. Woods, ExxonMobil has been focusing on innovative technologies that are environmentally friendly with the understanding that there needs to be a balance between the energy industry expansion and environmental policies.

Later that day, I attended a panel titled “Adapting to the New Energy Era” which focused on the oil and gas industry, specifically on how to do more with less. There was a lot of discussion concerning shale oil, and its viability in today’s market, mainly because of new techniques and technologies, reduced cost, and reduced production time.

Another interesting discussion took place during the “Energy Innovation Pioneers” panel. It is evident that innovations have been reducing the cost of renewables, and enabling the increased penetration into existing markets, such as the power sector, as well as new markets, such as transportation. On the panel was Thomas Healy, CEO of Hyliion. Agility is an investor in Hyliion and its promising technology that reduces fuel consumption by 30% for the trucking industry.

There was a lively panel discussion on LNG (Liquefied National Gas). The panelists discussed future forecasts, and stated that the demand for LNG will be doubling in the next 15 years, despite its plummeting demand due to excess capacity and low oil prices. With that in mind, industry leaders must look at LNG projects as an ecosystem that affects local communities as well as the environment.

In a related dinner address, Canadian Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau spoke about Canada’s energy sector. Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world, and has three major pipelines under construction. These projects ensure North America’s energy security for many years to come. Canada is working hard to get ahead of the energy power curve, and it is actively preparing for the future while protecting the environment. According to Mr. Trudeau, environmental leadership and economic growth go hand and hand.

Finally, Agility Africa’s very own Geoffrey White joined the panel on Africa’s economic growth. In Africa, low oil prices have stimulated a focus on better execution and innovation. To be successful in Africa, Geoffrey said: “Local capacity is key. That’s why 98% of our people are locals. Our tech solutions in cargo visibility and analytics help de-risk Africa, opening markets to global business.” The bottom line is that there has been a slowdown in the flow of capital for major projects over the past two years. However, things are looking good for those who are willing to invest now ahead of the next surge, which is surely coming.