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Agility International Joins the Future of Logistics

Kieran Kayatin, Business Development Director at Agility International, recently attended a technology event called “CXO Tech Forum: A.I. in Government” hosted by GovernmentCIO Magazine in Washington D.C. The event offered a forum to discuss the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and showcased the inventive work of some U.S. government agencies such as Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and U.S. Army Research Laboratory¬†(ARL).

Kieran Kayatin, usiness Development Director at Agility International (far left) with other attendees

According to Kieran, the event was a great venue to network and engage with scientists, academia and developers concerning A.I., current trends, applications and near term potential. During one of the panels, “tool vs. collaborative asset” was a hot topic of discussion where researchers and developers view A.I. as a “collaborator” and not as a tool. This is the key concept because A.I. is more than interactive in the view of the experts. Kieran learned that the logistics industry is well within the fast lane of A.I. application and development without any great inhibitors. This is a direct result of data storage capacity and highly advancing data storage capabilities.

In recent years, the U.S. military has been closely watching how the private sector is utilizing A.I. based platforms to develop better logistics performance with a focus on demand planning, sourcing and distribution. For instance, the U.S. Army wants to ensure that warfighters are more mission-focused, therefore; the Army wants to quickly develop and employ intelligent systems that will share the burden of support and sustainment activities (such as subsistence and re-supply) in complex operating environments, with the capability to manage decision chains and multiple simultaneous inputs. If this is accomplished in the next 2-5 years, then A.I. will be a true “working teammate.”

Agility hopes to attend an industry-related working group in February 2018 with a focus on shipping and freight forwarding. Kieran learned that there is simply no pause in what is taking place in the tech world, and that the A.I. Revolution has already begun. Kieran said: “The next five years are going to simply change everything when it comes to¬†how we perform and deliver services, and we need to be prepared now more than ever.”

Thank you, Kieran for representing Agility and for leading our business into the future!