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Agility DGS Business Development Team Defines New Opportunities

The Agility DGS business development team recently attended defense transportation conferences including AUSA Global Force Symposium, Joint EUCOM/AFRICOM Deployment and Distribution Conference (JEADDC), and the NDIA National Logistics Forum. These conferences present opportunities for our team to promote and market Agility DGS as the premier logistics provider for government customers in challenging environments.

  • AUSA Global Force Symposium – From March 26-28, 2018, our business development team attended the Association of the United States Army’s Global Force Symposium, a three-day event featuring presentations from Army leadership and keynote remarks from several Army officials. The exposition helped our team understand the interests of warfighters and senior Army leaders with the spirit of entrepreneurial and commercial leaders of the defense industry. Attendees included Dan Mongeon, Mark Young and Rich Brooks.
  • JEADDC conference – From May 21-23, 2018, our team attended The EUCOM / AFRICOM Deployment and Distribution Conference, a forum focused on increasing and improving both relationships and information flow across the European distribution enterprise. From the conference, we learned about stakeholder operations models, shared deployment and distribution opportunities, and collaboration possibilities with the Department of Defense. Attendees included Mark Young, Darrell Gifford, Nick Taylor and Keven Falvo.

From left to right: Nick Taylor, Darrell Gifford, Mark Young and Keven Falvo

  • NDIA conference- From May 15-16, 2018, our team attended the National Defense Industrial Association Conference, a meeting bringing together senior government and industry logistics policy officials and practitioners to address current challenges facing the delivery of logistics capabilities and services in the current and future severely resource constrained environment. The meeting provided our team the opportunity to foster our public and private partnership in defense transportation through the discussion of new policies, technologies, and best practices. Attendees included Dan Mongeon, Mark Young, Rich Brooks, and George Allen.

 “These conferences are great learning and networking opportunities to help us stay up-to-date and learn new ways to improve our businesses”, commented Mark Young. “In addition, they also help us build visibility within the defense industry profession by raising DGS’s profile, and help us identify new business opportunities.” 

NDIA’s Year-End Review

As clearly stated in National Defense Industrial Association’s (NDIA) Year-End Review: Challenges and Opportunities for the defense industry in 2014 through temporary congressional fixes the DoD ship has been righted for the next two years anyway. There is still a lot of fence mending to be done if we are to get back to any degree of normalcy. So we have a workable short-term solution and that is good. Now we need to take the next step and get to a level of predictability that will work both the DoD and the defense industry.

I know that is asking a lot, but it is desperately needed. That is my two cents.


See NDIA’s Year-End Review here.

NDIA President’s Perspective

In the most recent edition of NDIA, National Defense Magazine, NDIA President Larry Farrell nails the impact of sequestration on Defense. Larry correctly points out that it is the accumulative effect that must be considered and not just looking at individual services or weapon systems. Keeping a world class military ready to do the nation’s bidding is not something that you can just turn off and on. Short sighted actions like sequestration drive the services and the Defense Industry to take actions that, in the long run, will cost much more in so many ways. Larry, I hope someone is listening.


See Lawrence Farrell Jr.’s perspective here.